Netreplays Binaries (Executables)

Architecture MD5 checksum Download
Windows 32-bit 8265f10b3d57dc6a29a393229c33436b srb2kart-netreplays.exe
Windows 64-bit a157916c63e1df61eec273ffc9b9a1a1 srb2kart-netreplays.exe

How do I use Netreplays?

Provided that you witnessed the current map change; after having finished a race or during evaluation, the message "Press Look Backward to save the replay" should appear at the bottom of the screen. Do as instructed. Alternatively, you may set the console variable netdemo_record (previously called recordmultiplayerdemos to "Manual Save", the default, or "Auto Save", to automatically save replays--without user input.

You may use netdemo_syncquality to reduce the file size at the cost of less accurate resynchronization when playing back. Values range from 1 (most accurate) to 35 (least).

Replays are saved under the replay/online directory. Which is under the same folder as your EXE on Windows. And under ~/.srb2kart on Mac and linux. The path is printed in console when you save a replay.

To view a replay, use the playdemo command in console, followed by the path to your replay (E.g. replay/online/1552330581-MAP27.lmp) You may need to add an extra parameter at the end of the command.

While viewing a replay, you may change viewpoint for up to four players--displayed in separate splitscreens. Set the "Change Viewpoint" control for these players. You may also use the view, view2, etc. commands to view a specific player. You may use a player's number or name--even abbreviated. You may also use the setviews command to change the number of splitscreen views present.

You may fast forward a replay by changing the playbackspeed console variable. You use a value up to ten times.

These changes are now part of v1.0.4 officially.