SRB2Kart's Birdhouse Beta Builds

The features you find here will most likely be integrated into BIRD Mod proper eventually.

Table of Contents

  1. HTTP Master Server Test

HTTP Master Server Test

The HTTP based Master Server is live on The advantage of the HTTP Master Server is that it is available as long as the web server is running. The old Master Server is notorious for its extended downtime on occasion.

This mod also features multithreading for the Master Server connections. This means that the whole game will no longer stop to wait for responses from the Master Server. Menus will continue animating and input will be responsive. Even if the Master Server is taking a long time to respond, nothing will slow down.

git Branch (GitLab)

Architecture EXE SHA-256 Checksum Last Updated (UTC)
Windows (32-bit) srb2kart-http-masterserver.exe
Jun 15