SRB2 fileneeded calculator

"fileneeded" is the name of the buffer that holds file data for SRB2 servers. This calculator provides an easy method of determining if your added files would fit within this buffer.

For Windows users, you can download one of the following executables.

Architecture MD5 checksum Download
Windows 32-bit 9596aeba245dc3fd21dda8bebb3235c9 fileneeded.exe
Windows 64-bit ef23251e73ecfbb16de924a9377d38e8 fileneeded.exe

You can also grab the source below.

MD5 checksum Download
efe80408f2b7b7d93841ac20f6ad678d fileneeded.tgz

Base file lists for SRB2 and SRB2Kart

These are plain text. Read all about it in the program help.

SRB2 srb2base.txt
SRB2Kart kartbase.txt