James' Web Server

amount A small utility for mounting and un-mounting directories as
a regular user.
Photos Photos that I am willing to share with the public.
These typically consist of my creations.
My SRB2 Contributions SRB2 is a 3D Sonic fan-game made using the Doom engine, with
over twenty years of development! It also has a very active


Ink Sketches Drawings done completely in ink. I don't typically use
models, either.

Under Construction or Deprecated

SRB2 WAD Files WADs that can't be found on the SRB2 message board.
They may be hosted on someone's server, on Discord, etc.

My Old Stuff

Blitz Something that I was working on for years--in various
languages. Nothing ever really came of it though.
This version is the finale to it, and I'm rather proud of
some of the accomplishments made in the program. I've
learned a lot